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Getting stopped walking or phoned while in the shower - to answer survey questions would be more fun if you got paid for it. At, that's exactly what happens. Take part in paid surveys (online, phone and offline), e-mail reading, online jobs, visit websites and more ways to make, win and earn money online.

Money & Rewards freebies on this page (click for info)
  • ySense - LOADS of easy ways to get free money online!
  • Honeygain - Get Paid For Doing Nothing!
  • Get Paid - Earn Real Cash For Easy Activities
  • Panel Place - Paid Surveys
  • ySense, online free moneyySense - Start earning cash online NOW
    ySense is a comprehensive and versatile central hub for all things 'get paid online'. Having an account at ySense gives you access to loads of offers such as getting paid to play games, take surveys, watch videos, click on ads, etc. but it does a LOT more besides. This is a real hub into a WORLD of making money online.

    Get free online money at ySenseySense has more than earned its dues for being featured at having been paying members since 2007 when the company was previously known as 'ClixSense' (it was rebranded to ySense in 2019).

    You'll start to earn money pretty much immediately from the moment you sign-up at ySense just by starting to complete your profile. It'll help ySense to target your earning opportunities and surveys better. But it's a LOT more than just surveys (although there are a LOT of surveys worth good money for quite short completion times) at ySense. Each 'mini-portal' at ySense (AdGate, Adscend, Lootably, MyChips, RevU & many more) open up their own selection of ways to get free money online.

    ySense earn money with online surveysIt's easy at first to not know quite where to start with ySense because it's a VERY busy website with MANY ways to get free money online in loads of different ways. If you're in the mood for a particular activity, ie. playing games, clicking on ads, taking surveys or taking on some fiendishly tricky quizzes, then you can select just what you want to see. It's kinda brilliant! But you'll enjoy finding your way around (we did) and realising you'll never be short of something to do. You won't run out of 'jobs' or money-making opportunities at ySense. And if you can refer a few mates then they'll reward you for that too.

    Getting paid out by ySense is another plus-point for this program with a LOT of satisfied members posting regular confirmation of payout, although ySense has gotten to the stage of trustworthiness by now that it's an established brand so no worries there. There are many different ways you can choose to get paid including Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill and even local shopping gift cards specifically targeted for where you live. We found that clever and a nice touch.

    ySense has to be a 'a must try' if you're here to get free money online. It's easy to earn real money, there are no country exclusions and you can see your cash earnings accruing quickly in your account balance (we made money within a few minutes and we were taking our time, looking around). Get signed-up and get earning with ySense.
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    HoneygainHoneygain - Get Paid For Doing Nothing!
    Honeygain get free money passive-earning onlineHoneygain only requires a very brief write-up. It's about as easy a passive-earner you're likely to come across online because once signed-up, there is literally nothing to do.

    Honeygain is an attractive, fun-looking site that can use either your phone, computer or whatever is connected to your internet. Honeygain then uses only bandwidth that you're not using (and limits itself strictly) and somehow it benefits other people. So it's a win-win. It's all explained on Honeygain's website. Honeygain recently celebrated its 5th birthday.

    Honeygain is worth joining and a bit of fun. Every day you will receive a mystery amount of free credits/money to add to your pile. Honeygain is ultra-legit (we get paid quickly at cash out) and you can choose to receive your money via crypto/Bitcoin, PayPal, etc.

    Note: using the links on this page to join Honeygain will credit you with a $3 free starting sign-up balance. Signing-up 'cold' (ie. without a referring link) means you don't get the free $3 (we found that out the hard way) so ensure you use a referral link when joining.
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    Get PaidGet Paid - Earn Real Cash For Easy Activities
    Get Paid is a reliable rewards program available worldwide that pays its members with 'coins' for completing various tasks. These coins can then easily be exchanged for real money into your PayPal account or if you prefer, you can be paid with Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Perfect Money or WebMoney. Alternatively, you can exchange your points for online gift cards from lots of different retailers including Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and Walmart.

    Get-Paid: Easy ways to get free money onlineGet Paid has been around forever (since 2005) and enjoys a very trustworthy reputation. Get Paid reckon they offer 'the fastest way to make money online' and you'll be doing so by completing surveys (including daily surveys) and clicking ads. There are also contests and sweepstakes to take part in.

    When we said Get Paid is 'reliable', it's a BIG understatement and we can confirm we've received several payments from Get Paid by completing semi-fun tasks, watching some vids (some of which are very weird!), clicking links, etc. and also by doing the typing project (see 'Business Cards' at Get Paid - it's a really easy way to earn lots of coins!).

    We have ALWAYS received our earnings (via PayPal) in just a few hours so we genuinely consider this to be one of the best 'get paid to earn' programs that exist on the internet. You'll have fun doing many various tasks and you WILL earn real money/goods if you take part. If you're in a position to introduce other people to join Get Paid too then they will reward you with more coins.
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    Panel PlacePanel Place - Paid Surveys
    Consumer opinion is worth a lot to research companies worldwide. Panel Place will pay you for participating in surveys conducted online, by phone or in person. It's completely free to join and they welcome members from all countries. You can also recruit friends and family to join Panel Place and you'll earn 5% of any money they earn. Panel Place are proud of their reputation for honesty and fairness - you'll definitely get paid the money you earn and this makes Panel Place one of the best places online to get free money.
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